Selling a House During a Divorce 

January 12th, 2023

Divorce is a challenging legal process. Selling a Tampa Bay home during a divorce can be hard; here are five tips to help you through the process. 

Set Your Emotions Aside

When talking about property that is owned by two people who, unfortunately, are having a falling out, emotions cannot be involved. This is an important transaction that affects more than one life, and making a decision too quickly could have gut-wrenching issues down the road. Since the two of you will not be living together, you’ll need to decide who stays and who goes. This could mean one person lives in the home with the children while the other looks for an apartment on their own. You two may have to decide to sell to cash house buyers in Tampa if you two cannot come to an arrangement.

Consider the Value of Not Selling 

Selling an as-is home during a divorce is not easy. The cost of home ownership is not free. It’s pricy. Prices increase every few years. Maintenance costs arise at times when it feels entirely inconvenient. Not to mention the cost of utilities, insurance, etc. It cost money, continuous money, to own a home. 

Who’s Name is On the Deed?

You need to consider who owns the property and how much money they can put into the home to improve electric fixtures such as kitchen appliances, furnaces, and central heating and air units. If the owner cannot afford, the maintenance cost and the home is difficult to keep, consider selling to cash buyers. Speak with your attorney if this sounds like a similar situation to yours, and consider having the home’s worth evaluated. 

Hands of wife and husband signing divorce documents or premarital agreement

Selling the House Quickly is Good for Mental Health

If both parties agree to the sale of the house, the process moves fairly quickly. The part that seems to bother most people the most is that the divorce cannot be finalized until everything else is finalized. Both parties will still have to go through the open houses, home tours, realtors, offers, etc. This means both parties will have to work together to accomplish this task. If you two are not speaking, the process will be difficult.

Accept Help from Cash House Buyer Offers 

The quickest and safest way to sell a home is to cash house buyers, like Joe Homebuyer Tampa. Cash buyers don’t use lending companies, and they are not realtors. There are no closing costs involved, no maintenance fees or repairs are needed. The only thing you need to worry about is splitting the AS-IS cash offer with your partner. The offer and paperwork can be taken care of all within a day if schedules allow. This process is safe and true. All clients walk away happy, and you walk away with a fair cash offer for your as-is home.